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Regal And Purple An Ace Machine
THE TRIUMPH TR6 Trophy you can see here was supplied to the current owners by Triumph twin specialists Ace Classics of Lee in South London, who can build you a Steve McQueen replica Trophy to order. We spoke to Kev Rushworth at AC about Triumph’s b
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Living With A Trophy
IF YOU DON’T LIKE PEOPLE, DON’T BUY AN OLD TRIUMPH. Park up, pull in for petrol; even stop at traffic lights and you’ll be recalled stories of how ‘they’ used to have one ‘just like that’. I’ve heard courting stories, been told horrendous detail abou
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Frank Westworth
DID I MENTION THAT AS WELL AS A LIFELONG – well, from age maybe 15 onwards – bike enthusiast, I am also a lifelong – ditto – guitar torturer? It’s true. I may have worked my way through rather more bikes than guitars, but have rarely been without at