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Hurricane BORN AGAIN
THE TRIUMPH HURRICANE X75 IS one of those motorcycles that is nearly impossible to dislike. Ridiculously flamboyant and hopelessly impractical, the creators of the X75 had invented the factory custom nearly a decade before anyone else cottoned on. I
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Kawasaki Gpz750
ALONG WITH WHICH OIL TO USE and which petrol won’t gum up your carbs, many a pub or internet debate has been had about what the next ‘affordable’ classic will be. Most old Brits over 250cc are heading north of £3000 and the prices of legendary Italia
Classic Bike Guide8 min read
This year’s Classic TT
THE CLASSIC TT IS AN OVERLOAD ON the senses. The sounds and smells take you back in time, with the distinctive ear-bleeding noise of multi-cylinder machines like an MV 350 and 500, or the rib-tingling drone of a single-cylinder race bike. Equally,