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East Lancashire slated over runaway PW trolley crash

THE Railway Accident Investigation Branch has made safety recommendations after a hand trolley loaded with half a tonne of ballast ran away from track workers on the East Lancashire Railway.

The trolley

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Alycidon’s Damaged Traction Motors Repairs Agreed
THE Deltic Preservation Society’s insurer has authorised full repairs to Class 55 D9009 Alycidon’s six damaged traction motors. The damage was suffered when a huge power surge caused the calamitous failure of the locomotive on March 3 last year. The
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‘Simplexfest’ Marks Pioneer Line’s 60th Anniversary
THE 60th anniversary of the first UK heritage line to be laid on a green field site is to be celebrated with a parade of Motor-Rail Simplex 20hp internal combustion locomotives. It was in 1960 that the 2ft gauge Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway (LCLR
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Peco Reveals Plans For Ffestiniog Bogie Coaches In OO9
PECO is to boost its range of ready-to-run OO9 rolling stock with the addition of further Ffestiniog Railway carriages. The manufacturer said ‘Bowsider’ bogie coaches Nos. 17-20 will feature plenty of detail and have smooth running as standard. Ful