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Have you bought a bike from a dealer-cum-classic bike specialist?

Was it a positive experience or something you’ll not be repeating any time soon? Dealers seem to polarise opinion with many classic enthusiasts simply because they (the buyers) somehow believe dealers shouldn’t be charging the prices they do. And

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min read
Galfer Factory Visit
Galfer Brakes recently invited me to a press event at their factory in Barcelona, Spain. The firm was launching a new range of brake pads and expanding their range of ‘Wave’ type discs, and they assured me they produced upgrade parts (pads, shoes,
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min read
Bike-friendly Forecourts!
How many times have you pulled up at the fuel pumps and almost dumped your pride and joy? How many times have you tried to use the air-line to pump up your tyres and found that it’s a bugger to get the adaptor on? Well, maybe it’s time we took a leaf
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics4 min read
Project Yamaha FZS600 Fazer part 5 Stud farm!
Last time, the mighty Fazer 600 was giving me gyp on the exhaust front. A couple of exhaust studs had sheared through, and the resulting job was one of the crappiest I’ve ever done on a bike. I spent a fortune on PlusGas penetrating fluid, and upgrad