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Have you bought a bike from a dealer-cum-classic bike specialist?

Was it a positive experience or something you’ll not be repeating any time soon? Dealers seem to polarise opinion with many classic enthusiasts simply because they (the buyers) somehow believe dealers shouldn’t be charging the prices they do. And

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics6 min read
Upside Down!
There are few things I like less on an early classic bike than modern forks. This is a recent perversion for ‘improving’ the handling of older bikes with newer suspension, including the ‘inverted’ or ‘upside-down’ front forks. Even on my own favourit
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min read
Not Only, But Also…
If a Honda Blackbird offends you, what else is out there? The legendary Kawasaki ZZ-R1100 still cuts the mustard and is priced a little lower than the Blackbird, even if it’s not quite as good a machine as it was a generation behind. The ZZ-R1200 is
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min read
Riding Kit Ridden In, Tools Twirled & Tyres Tested
In all my 35 years on bikes, I’ve never felt the need to buy a specific piece of equipment upon which I could store my kit. The Two-Up BikerTidy has changed that. The BikerTidy is a well made frame with vented shelving units and very strong metal han