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XDN192V was a second-hand DT50M bought by Tim Wilks’ dad in 1982 for £140 from someone he worked with. Tim kept it four years, then sold it for £150 and gave his dad (most of) his money back.

wasn’t quite 16 in July

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min read
The owner’s tale – Andy Nicholson
“I bought the FT500 Honda almost on a whim with the intention of turning it into a street tracker. However, once I spent some time with it and had a good look around I realised it was simply too good to start hacking about and cutting up. There aren’
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Releasing The Potential
It’s a given that the FT500 has a lot of latent performance very well hidden and some is infinitely more easily accessed than those last few horses. The most obvious route is to ditch the overtly restrictive silencer; there’s a lot of baffling insi
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What To Buy And How Much To Pay
Avoid at all costs any XS650 in boxes and especially so if the bike has been subjected to any form of customisation. Yamaha’s big twin is back in vogue with the hipster element and there are far too many being bastardised. A properly customised XS6