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Catch (tank) 22

Last month I was fabricating custom parts for this indomitable 1325cc colossus of a Kawasaki based on a 1978 Z1000A2.

The bike had been previously attacked by an amateur sporting considerably more enthusiasm than competence and the frame and running gear had to undergo some serious surgery to make this bike as safe as possible, considering the increase in engine power.

One of the problems often associated with mono-shocking a motorcycle originally designed for twin shocks is that there is nowhere for the air-box to go. In this instance, even if there were, the original air-box, designed for a modestly tuned thou’ with standard valves and cams, would probably not be able to provide the flow of oxygen required to feed an engine with a swept capacity of a third up on stock with massive valves and uber high lift cams.

Given the lack of space left in the frame the only practical option was K&N pod filters or bell mouths. Bell mouths look the part and give littlechamber before exiting the exhaust. A big Zed motor has a chamber above its breather with baffling that discourages oil thrown about in the engine from going up the breather tube into the air-box, rescuing the vast majority back into the sump where it will do most good.

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