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Tin-bashing the tank

I have been following my model makers’ picture book throughout the build of my RC374 and I have been wondering for some time what I was going to do about the tank.

The photos seemed to show a basic tank shape which I believe was a long range tank specifically made for the 1967 Isle of Man TT. The tank was quite flat-sided in shape without many compound curves. I had never made an aluminium tank before but thought why not have a go making one from scratch? There are a few videos online, showing people making aluminium tanks which was a

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Suzuki B100P/B120P
If honesty really is the best policy then the truth doesn’t comes much clearer than this month’s subject matter. Suzuki’s B120P, aka the B120P Student, is as honest as the day is long. What you get for your money is a loyal pit-pony of a bike, one th
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Game Changer
I have come up with a new game. I don’t think anyone has a patent along similar lines yet, so that might be worth consideration. I have named it ‘Hunting for Neutral’. Whilst anyone with a motorbike can play, there are bound to be many fine CMM reade
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I like riding in any conditions bar ice, so for the winter months I always arm myself with layers and heated kit. The premium vest and armoured gloves from Keis that I wore last winter were a good choice. The vest is made of thin and stretchy materia