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Now we R1!

When it comes to anniversary hype the Yamaha R1 has to be up there with the best. And rightly so, considering the original format of producing a front-runner in the constantly evolving world of superbikes is still working well 20 years on.

Even the mighty Fireblade had a few capacity changes over the years and there’s no hiding that it’s been far from successful in its most recent guise both in the showrooms and on the racetrack…

Congrats also go to Yamaha UK who were on the ball anticipating this celebration by wheeling out a 2018 R1 in the red and white retro livery last November at the NEC in time for Motorcycle Live:then-and-now comparison, even this very organ did a 20th anniversary review of the original model. An overwhelming success I’d say, so well done to all – not forgetting original chief designer Kunihiko Miwa, who can one day retire happy and proud.

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