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The Ghosts of Instagram Past

“I used to be so much happier,” I groaned to my mom. She was on speaker phone back home in Iowa as I was flicking through my past Instagram posts. One in particular, from four years ago, snagged my attention. It was a candid shot of me and my ex in front of a waterfall in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. We were younger and superfit; I was laughing as he surprised me with a kiss on the cheek. My current relationship troubles, work stress, and tiny New York City apartment felt even worse in comparison. “What

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Let There Be Light
THE MUSCLE MENDER It might mean stop when you see it on the street, but when applied to the body, a red light is all about the go. In fact, red light and infrared light (they’re near each other on the spectrum) can “act like a cup of coffee for the b
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Such Great Heights
Whether you’re a runner, climber, lifter, or do-it-all kinda girl, your muscles depend on oxygen to carry you through your workout. Why, then, would you want to throw yourself into a high-elevation environment (think 5,000 feet or more above sea leve