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“People assume they’ll be happier once they reach a certain threshold—financially, creatively, romantically,” says Laurie Santos, PhD, the

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Slice of Moderation
Don’t beat yourself up over your last indulgence. Instead, remind yourself why you want to eat healthy in the first place (having energy to play with your nephew, feeling confident in your NYE dress), so you create a sense of pride, not shame. “Every
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Spot At The Table
The low-cal veg is loaded with insoluble fiber to keep your pup full and his system running, er, smoothly. Just skip the buttery mash and marshmallow topping and opt for roasted taters. Rich in heart-healthy fat, PB is always a good option—for you an
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Nix Your Neck Pain
WHEN YOU WAKE UP WITH A STIFF NECK…TRY OPEN BOOK Lie on one side, keeping bottom leg straight and top leg bent; hold top knee down with bottom arm. Relaxing head, extend top arm away from body to other side, twisting torso to open chest toward ceilin