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Do It Now
Get the job done in November if you haven’t done it already. Some bushes fruit best on shoots that grew in the previous year. Read about pruning technique before you start to cut. There are different techniques for summer and autumn-fruiting raspberr
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Giveaways Worth Over £1309 Worth Over £1309
Professional gardeners have a secret for keeping their mowers, chainsaws, hedgetrimmers and strimmers in tip top condition. A special range of fuels that they know will not only help them get the best from their tools and potentially give them a long
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The Cultivated Plot: Feeding Frenzy!
Very little gets wasted in the Strong household and I seem to have developed a reputation as a bit of a hoarder, so much so that it’s not unknown for vans to stop off at our house on the way to the tip. My landscape pal, Karl, has dropped off some re