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Planting in the soil can be done using a five-week-old plant any time after the danger of frost has passed. For an indeterminate variety crop, support systems are the key to planting directly in soil beds. The

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Time To Enter... Kg Plotter Competition 2019
We invite you to send in a few pictures of your plot and yourself and we will judge this on many different aspects, including how you have overcome all the usual plot challenges to grow great veg and fruit. This tiller (model MR48Li) comes with batt
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In The Greenhouse
Peppers grow best undercover where the extra warmth and protection helps the fruit to develop and ripen from late summer onwards. Many pepper plants will continue to grow and fruit well into autumn if the weather is mild and you maintain a dry atmosp
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Buy A Bed
If you prefer to buy your raised beds there are many out there to choose from. Here is just a selection. The Raised Bed and Pond Company sells a great range of beds in various sizes. They are built using 150mm by 22mm (6 x8/10in) timbers with the cor