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Central Birmingham is not the place which immediately comes to mind for those looking for a new horticultural experience, and few would think that a few moments away from Edgbaston cricket ground lies a hidden organic garden, buzzing with wildlife, fruit trees and flowers. With a

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Time To Brighten Up Your Winter
A rich and delicious Greek dish of caramelised leeks and short grain rice. SERVES 2 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes ■ 0.5kg (1lb) leeks■ 80 ml (2¾ fl oz) olive oil■ 2 tbsp chopped dill■ 2 tsp tomato paste■ ½ cup short grain
Kitchen Garden1 min read
Do It Now
■ There’s still time to prune apple trees this month, but only if buds haven’t started to open. ■ Try to get all pruning finished by the end of the month and make sure to remove any branches that show signs of disease. ■ Buy as much potting compost a
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Green At Heart
Most people might imagine the life of a rock star to be one long montage of hedonistic nights off-stage and guitar-filled virtuosity on it. Of course, there’s a well-known trend in the industry for musicians to find solace in laid-back pastimes – thi