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Pick A Pepino
The other day I had to visit the big supermarkets near the motorway junction, which I rarely frequent due to their lobster-pot car parks – plenty of spaces, but escape to an A-road isn’t easy. Looking round the exotic veg section I came across an old
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December Tips
■ If you do have citrus plants, as well as watering and feeding through the winter, check them over for sap-sucking pests such as scale insects. If you spot the small brown limpet-like creatures on the leaves and stems, rub them off with your fingers
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Protecting Our Native Pollinators
Since spring, I’ve been watching a myriad of pollinators zip tirelessly from the fruit blossoms, herbs, wild flowers and vegetables in my vegetable plot, providing me with their free pollination services. As a result, I’ve been enjoying bumper harves