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Last month I introduced you to our ‘forever’ plot, a 600 square metre strip of land that had slipped back into the hands of Mother Nature. It wasn’t the prospect of getting a 50% discount next year for taking on an overgrown plot that attracted us, more the open aspect, free-draining soil, closeness to home and tall hedges that lend shelter and privacy. Now we are into serious ground preparation.


There’s only one thing better than having a friend with a truck and that is having one who has a truck and a mini digger. This type of kit

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Kitchen Garden2 min read
Barricade And Marmalade !
There have been a few thefts on the plots lately. Nothing major, like the time when every shed was stripped, but plenty of little niggling things, like tools being chucked in the brook, stones thrown at greenhouses and plants uprooted – bored kids pl
Kitchen Garden2 min read
This is a fungal problem that affects seedlings, causing them to collapse – more likely in a humid environment or undercover. HOW TO CONTROL: Avoid overcrowding, make sure that air circulation is good and don’t sow too early as limited light and lo
Kitchen Garden2 min read
What The Volunteers Say
Liam Holland, 24, from Rawcliffe, East Yorkshire, has Asperger’s and has been with the team for three years. Before joining, Liam was at a very low point in his life. “I was not in a good place. I had no confidence and I felt very much on my own and