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Callaloo is a sadly neglected crop for many gardeners, and there’s no real reason why as far as I can see. Maybe it’s because the main seed catalogue offerings (with some notable exceptions) tend to be disappointing, and growers give it a miss after an initial failure, putting their lack of success down to their ignorance of correct culture or an unsuitable site rather than an inferior varietal selection by the company

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On Your Starter Plot , Get Set, Grow!
The Ashbourne Road and District Allotments (ARDAA) is a forward-thinking allotment site made up of a great assortment of individuals. In September 2018 the Potty Plotters (Radio Derby’s Elaine Crick and Julia Slater) and resident allotmenteers hosted
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A modern approach to growing food is ‘edimental’ gardening. Instead of having a pretty flower garden close to home and a vegetable patch elsewhere, a garden is created that is both beautiful to look at and provides food. This involves a different app
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Do It Now
Do a rough layout plan of your garden and decide what you want to grow and where to plant it for 2020. Avoid growing the same type of crop on the same bit of ground that you did last year – rotating crops around the garden helps to reduce disease pro