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Perfect for early seed-starting, and for growing salads and herbs year-round, the Micro Grow Light Garden (product no. 46271), new from Kings Seeds, has a full-spectrum grow light that replicates sunlight. It is also self-watering for up to 14 days. It is made from tough recycled plastic and sturdy aluminium, and the canopy adjusts easily to a maximum

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Good Companions
Companion planting is the term used when you use one plant to benefit another or when you grow more than one plant together for a mutual benefit to both plants; in essence, it’s when you plant different plants together in your garden rather than rows
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New Catalogues
Dobies has more than 200 years of gardening experience in selecting, growing and selling the very best varieties for today’s gardener. Our comprehensive catalogue reflects our passion to find the latest vegetable, flower and fruit seeds, bulbs, plant
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A great way to grow mushrooms outdoors is on logs. If you take care in starting them off, they can produce mushrooms periodically for up to 10 years. There is growing variety in the mushrooms available too, not only shiitake and oyster, but also lion