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It's a standing joke that Americans have everything bigger, but in lots of ways this is true. One Harley rider I talked to in Dodge City certainly thought so – when he toured Europe he was surprised that he could leave Frankfurt in the morning, visit three or more countries and still be in Italy by tea time, and yet he couldn’t ride across his home State of Kansas in a day.

American National Parks are bigger, as are their trucks, their cars, roads, horizons and hearts, as you would find out if you ever needed their help.

Hence we found ourselves in Boston in the cargo shed of Virgin Atlantic unpacking a cardboard box holding our transport for the next five and half weeks. We had a look around Boston (tea party and all that) and then it was south to Washington DC via an AAA (Automobile Association of America) office as they provide maps for fellow associated members. State maps, ideal for motorcycling, are obtainable at visitor centres at the state line. And Washington, it turned out, is very friendly for the visitor with most attractions within easy reach. Even Arlington Cemetery is not too far

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