Up to around 2005 it was possible to buy a presentable scooter from Vietnam, ship it back to the UK and clear customs with change from £1000. For many it was a gamble worth taking, even if broken for parts

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Planet Lam Bretta Two-Stoked
Follow the palm trees swaying in the breeze to this industrial part of Los Angeles county where you’ll find a museum filled with the tapestry and kitch of vintage scooters. Owner Harmik Nazarian has spent the last four years of retirement building hi
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Bulldog Run 10th Anniversary
Ten years ago Tina Hall of the Midhurst Detours SC decided she wanted to find a way to help the local Bulldog Rescue in Midhurst, run by Dizzy and Tania Holmes. The brilliant work they do with sick and unwanted Bulldogs is amazing, and so the annual
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Camp Site Custom
Owner: Simon Tipper Club: Undecideables S.C. Portsmouth Hometown: Portsmouth First interest in scooters: “When I was 16 years old and I first watched Quadrophenia; it all started then!” Scooter: Type: Lambretta GP200 Engine Spec: Kit: RB225 Cra