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The Classic MotorCycle3 min read
Is The Future Electric?
If you are an active pedal cyclist – especially if you ride in a group – you’ve doubtless noticed how many electric bicycles there are on the roads and tracks nowadays. You may even have one yourself. Electric bikes (also known as pedelecs or e-bikes
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Nsu Quickly 1953-65
NSU Quickly Spares is a comprehensive resource for just about anything pertaining to the German mopeds that sold in thousands. As well as running a mail order operation to supply parts, the business can also undertake refurbishment work on some of th
The Classic MotorCycle2 min read
The Way We Were In February
The Motor Cycle team enjoyed a brief test ride on the Cotton lightweight motorcycle, with all-new triangulated frame, which the maker – The Cotton Motor Co, 11 Bristol Road, Gloucester – was to launch. What made this new model stand out was its uncon