The Classic MotorCycle



he Royal Enfield Owners’ Club has some factory records for Royal Enfield’s largest capacity 1930s machines, but the most comprehensive source regarding later models

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The Classic MotorCycle8 min read
The Practical One
This handsome Sunbeam S8 was a pleasure to look at and to ride – and when it broke down on test, the owner could fix it at the roadside. That’s practical. Andrew Chapman is a tall, calm, good-humoured man. At his workshop outside Farnham, Foxwood Mot
The Classic MotorCycle6 min read
Homage to Ken
Visitors to Sammy Miller’s museum will be well aware it’s packed with rare and interesting motorcycles, so it’s somewhat surprising to find Sammy excited by yet another being consigned to the museum workshops for restoration. When one particular mach
The Classic MotorCycle9 min read
The Emerald Isle On A Silver Machine
Axel Behrend is a German friend of mine with a passion for all things English – tea not coffee, bitter not lager, Morris Minors not VW Beetles, and Nortons not BMWs. A driving instructor for HGVs and a semi-retired coach driver, Axel rebuilds Minors