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Swedes in Vegas!

It’s logical to think that any kind of museum will be going to hold on to all of its exhibits ad infinitum, but that’s not always strictly true. Sometimes changes are due to financial reasons, occasionally it’s thanks to local politics, but the most common reason – and the situation that we see here – is due to a relocation to a smaller venue.

The collection in

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Since the Edwardian days, a handful of engineers had conceived large capacity two-stroke motorcycle engines, though most were stillborn. But Messrs Dunford & Elliott (Sheffield) Ltd – Sheffield steel founders – had developed a 499cc single cylinder,
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News & Events
A beautiful restored Kreidler, owned and raced by Robert Dunlop, is set to be one of the highlights at the upcoming Classic Motorcycle Mechanics show. The German-built 50cc bike will be proudly displayed alongside thousands of fascinating machines at