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Painting Compulsion

Johannesburg in South Africa was my birthplace. I now live at Heidelberg in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, and I paint full-time.

I attended Rhodes University at Grahamstown, to study for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, tutored by Professors Brian Bradshaw and Robert Brook. Subsequently I completed two courses in Ceramic Sculpture with Charles Gotthard; four years of ‘unlearning’ technical illustration habits with Wendy Martell; and a Stained Glass Techniques course with Marise Mill.

Becoming one with the sea or the mountains or fields is what I am passionate about when painting … being in ‘the zone’.

I’ve scribbled, drawn and painted ever since I can remember, something I realised when I

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Master Hints And Tips
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Gentle Giants
My works start long before lifting a brush. To gain familiarity with my subjects, I have visited many properties in different parts of the country. I have attended shows and events. I have sketched and taken many photographs. To study the action and