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A Colourful Life

My life has been anything but average; in fact it has been very special in so many ways. At the age of four my family left England and moved to a small mining town in East Africa where we lived for a year, then spent nine years travelling around South Africa. The sights and sounds of nature were everywhere. I fell under its spell and have been there ever since. From climbing mountains to exploring caves, discovering the oceans and rivers, trekking through bush and jungle or feeling the heat

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Artist’s Hints And Tips
• If the drawing is not correct, the painting will not be correct, so take care with the initial drawing. • Ensure you do a colour study and record the colours and mixes you use. Practice painting a leaf and other components to ensure you are confide
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I use 300 gsm Arches Hot Pressed watercolour paper. I stretch larger sheets using special stretching tape onto board. For smaller work, I use Arches Hot Pressed 300gsm watercolour pads which I find I don’t need to stretch. Sometimes I will also use t
Australian How To Paint4 min read
Plants Speak to Me
For as long as I can remember, I have drawn and painted and have always had an interest and awareness of the environment. When I was 15, my father’s job took him to Fiji so instead of pursuing a career in commercial art after I left school, I found m