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IN ORDER TO GET MYSELF in the right frame of mind for writing about Japanese seed beads, I felt it only fitting to really immerse myself in the appropriate surroundings … well, sort of. In endeavoring to recreate my ‘authentic Japanese’ setting, I have placed my laptop on a low wooden chopping block and am sitting in front of it, cross legged on the loungeroom rug. To my left is a freshly brewed pot of organic green tea along with a miniature teacup; and to my right sits my neatly aligned pair of pink thongs, should I need to dash to my local sushi bar!

Right, dodgy traditional Japanese emulation aside, let us get down to the serious business of finding out why Australian beaders love

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Creative Beading Magazine2 min read
‘D’ Art Lariat
2 metres Tigertail 3 x crimps 1 x 50mm Swarovski ‘D’ Art Pendant 6 grams seed beads Czech 2 Cut Bronze Gold used 6 x 10mm Swarovski Golden Shadow cubes 6 x 10mm Swarovski Copper pearls 6 x 8mm Swarovski Copper Crystal rondelles 14 x 4mm Swarovski Gol
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Beachy Dream Set
2 m Tigertail Crimps 1 pair earring hooks 2 x pewter toggle clasps 28 gauge or 32 gauge wire silver 1 x 10 grams 2mm mix green glass bugles 12 x 8mm light green shell pearls 15 x 9mm white freshwater pearls potato shape 14 x 8mm dark green 8mm shell
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Red Coral: A Living, Beading Wonder!
RED CORAL BEGINS LIFE at anywhere between three and 1500 metres below the surface of the ocean in areas such as the Mediterranean Sea and areas in the Pacific Ocean around Japan and Taiwan. It has also been found in areas in the Atlantic Ocean, near