An important aspect of the modern women's movement that has so far hardly been heard of or read about: the so-called ‘woman's emancipation movement’ has actually put the man on a pedestal! How so? Quite simply because it still makes the male the standard of all things. The modern woman aspires to the position of the man: his power, his standing, his fields of activity, his occupations, his knowledge and everything he has achieved. The emancipated woman believes that by emulating man she can achieve

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PEARL26 min read
Another Time, Another Place
We are born, we live for a time, then we die. We can plan our lives in accordance with this self-evident truth, or we can suppress any thought of it and live our lives as if death did not exist. By so doing, however, we are just deluding ourselves be
PEARL2 min read
Is Death Really The End Of Our Existence?
For the materialist, a human being is only a body directed by a brain. Therefore, to him, the interruption of the organic functions at death automatically leads to the dissolution of the personality which emanated from that brain. This way of seeing
PEARL8 min readLeadership & Mentoring
A GLIMPSE INTO THE FUTURE Birds of a Feather Flock Together!
Let us imagine ourselves in the future. Once more the earth circles on a course that has brought it nearer to the invigorating radiations from the Luminous Regions. A different human race has arisen upon it, for which a new and better epoch has begun