Opinion: ‘Three Identical Strangers’: It’s not too late to address the ethical violations

Those harmed by an unethical 1960s study that separated twins and triplets should be helped to seek answers. This work shouldn't be left to documentary filmmakers, journalists, and the subjects…

Surprise turns to shock and then outrage. That’s the theme of “Three Identical Strangers,” a documentary film released last summer and now being screened by CNN. The film also has a less well-known precursor, “The Twinning Reaction.” Both chronicle twins and triplets born in the 1960s who were separated as infants and adopted by different families who had no idea of the other siblings’ existence.

The separation and secrecy were unethical aspects of an experiment that sought to examine the contributions of genetics and environment to child development. The children (who are now adults), their families, and the public deserve answers to many unanswered questions.

Although some aspects of the research over the ensuing decades, clear information about its aims, design, and results have never been published. The study records reside at Yale, where they were deposited by the lead researcher, Dr. Peter Neubauer, and . No one — not the subjects, reporters, filmmakers, or researchers — has been

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