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ON A CERTAIN few days in March, I know exactly what’ll wake me every morning at six: text messages from my buddy Gordo, an ex-athlete and East Coast finance guy who, in full ex-athlete-and-East-Coast-finance-guy fashion, will need to talk sporting numbers and figures. March Madness, to be exact. I know this because Gordo woke me with the same type of messages every fall Sunday. A sample chain from NFL week 13:

GORDO: “I’m thinking Broncos -5 against the Bengals, Panthers -3.5 against the Buccaneers, and Texans -5 against the Browns. What are you thinking?”

ME: “Broncos definitely. They’re surging, and the Bengals’ QB situation is dismal. Why the Panthers and Texans?”

“It’s a must-win for the Panthers and the

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