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THERE’S HAVING a meal plan, and then there’s what I do. Most days I intake (what I call eating and drinking) six ounces of chicken breast or salmon fillet four times a day. I eat four cups of vegetables, including a cup of asparagus before bed. I eat hardly any salt, or sugar, or flavor, for that matter. What I eat is Groundhog Day for my taste buds, but it helps me stay photo-shoot-ready. (See “Your Ultimate Arm Blast,” page 22.) For most people, time is money. For me, time is muscle.

But I’ve noticed that the more I wonder if I could gain an edge by learning to cook. Plus, I’m in my 30s now and pay-ing off a mortgage, and cooking at home is cheaper. And maybe I’ll spend more time in the kitchen with my wife, Jen. But until this story, I’d “cooked” exactly two dishes in my life—and one was instant ramen. Turns out I had a lot to learn.

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