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A New Golden Age
EVERY TV ADDICT HAS A LOVE STORY. Here’s part of mine. TV, when I was wee, was not a “distribution platform,” but an actual box, which adults banished to its proscribed space, where it could be watched after dinner. The box brought you the family hou
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Damon Lindelof
The man behind ABC’s Lost, HBO’s The Leftovers, and now, a wildly audacious “remix” of the ironic graphic novel Watchmen, Damon Lindelof, 46, reveals six of the greatest influences on his work. 1 / Twin Peaks Growing up in New Jersey in the early 1
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STUMPTOWN’S Cobie Smulders
New Drama • SEPT—25 • 10 pm • ABC Best known for her extended run on How I Met Your Mother and as Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cobie Smulders, 37, takes center stage for Stumptown, an adaptation of a graphic-novel series, on which sh