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Julien Baker
Little Oblivions reminds me of something Phoebe Bridgers once said about you while working in boygenius, your supergroup with her and Lucy Dacus. She called you a “secret shredder.” The secret is out, officially. / That flatters me so much. Being in
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Method Man
REALITY, TAHAR RAHIM REMINDS US, is often stranger than fiction—especially in the case of the disturbing true story behind his new film, The Mauritanian (on PVOD March 2). Kevin Macdonald’s sobering post-9/11 legal drama follows a pair of attorneys (
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Robin Wright
For Land, Wright had to figure out how to use nature as part of her story, and for that, she looked to one of her favorite films of all time, 1979’s The Black Stallion. “The horse and the boy are characters in the movie, but nature and where they liv