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1 How to see in black & white

You’ll be able to shoot better black-and-white images if you have an eye for what works best in the medium. Examine the oeuvre of any renowned black-and-white photographer, past or present, and you’ll soon spot recurring

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Reader 1 Camera: Canon EOS 6D Location: Bristol Illustration graduate Emily has always worked in creative fields, so it was only time before she took up photography. Starting off with a Canon EOS 600D, Emily began to shoot weddings, but her innate cu
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Frame In A Frame
We all know how this one goes: frame in a frame in a frame in a frame, and so it continues! This isn’t as complicated to do as you might think. The main thing is to get your starting image right so you can make the most of the scene. In this case I h
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Shoot A Stylish Fashion Portrait
Challenge 1 Emily-Clare Negus England in December is a hard month to call weather-wise, and few things concern outdoor photographers more than the likelihood of an imminent washout. But other than a few spats falling during the very first shot, condi