A new era

Rancilio knows a thing or two about making coffee machines – it’s been doing so from a factory outside of Milan since 1927. Within that time, the world introduced colour television, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, Australia went through 23 Prime Ministers, and consumers discovered their addiction to iPhones. The coffee industry has equally evolved, but what hasn’t, according to Rancilio, is the process of coffee extraction.

“Technology has changed, brewing methods have developed, and new methods of delivering coffee consistency have been achieved, but no-one’s fundamentally changed the way coffee is extracted,” says Paul O’Brien, Rancilio Area Manager – Australasia.

Rancilio, identified for its reliability, has produced hundreds of models over the past 90 years, but only in 2017 did it release its first coffee machine dedicated for the specialty coffee market.

The Rancilio Specialty RS1 is Rancilio’s ode to the specialty market, a machine that’s been produced by baristas, for baristas. The company worked with a dedicated team of industry experts from around the world, including several World

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