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Camera and gimbal systems

Amateur Photographer is primarily about stills photography, which means that sometimes technological advances from the moving-picture side of the image-making business pass us by.

Recently, I found myself investigating gimbals, because I was in need of an remote mechanism for aiming a camera. In the past such equipment was called a ‘motorised pan-tilt head, and these are still available, though I would guess of limited use to

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● £629 ● THIS superb travel tripod features 5-section, dual-angle carbon fibre legs that reverse fold around the head, providing a useful maximum height of 148.5cm while folding down to a compact 35.5cm length. The twist-lock legs
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Fred Herzog
Let’s begin with a quote: ‘Content cannot be manufactured, in my opinion. That which I can find is better than that which you can make. That which we find, the work and the use of the people out there, it’s natural, that’s what ordinary people do, th
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Six Essential Restoration Techniques
As the name suggests, the Dust and Scratches filter can be useful for tidying up messy old prints. Go to Filter>Noise>Dust and Scratches to begin, then adjust the Amount and Threshold to target the dust without removing fine detail. Often it helps to