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Amol Palekar Interrupted: Why this should be a moment for the art world to introspect, rather than play blame games

Everyone's busy blaming the curator of the NGMa for having interrupted Amol Palekar mid-speech. But here's why the curator did it. And also, here's what the art community should in fact be doing.

This isn't just about how actor Amol Palekar felt when he was interrupted at an art opening in Mumbai at the NGMA, when he criticised the Ministry of Culture reportedly scrapping the advisory committees at its centres in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

This is about how quick we are to jump to conclusions for the sake of sensationalism, quick to take sides, racing to fasten ourselves to what is considered the moral side of the story.

Within hours, the incident hit the headlines and protests galvanised over social media.

Artists and curators became vocal about their artistic freedom and issues with censorship once again. They denounced what appeared to them as an attempt to interrupt the actor as he criticised the culture ministry.

To my mind, ther are quite quick to jump onto

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