New generation of Iraqi archaeologists follows in mentor's footsteps

Iraq's young archaeologists are remembering their inspiration and frequent mentor Lamia Gailani, who worked hard to restore her country's lost heritage and encourage new scientists to explore the field.

Dr. Lamia al-Gailani was Iraq's best known archaeologist. She helped and inspired many young archaeologists in her country.Twitter/jane arraf

Junaid Amer Hameed, a young archaeologist from Baghdad, was working as a guide at the National Museum of Iraq in 2016 when he met Lamia al-Gailani, Iraq’s iconic archaeologist.

She had heard that Amer was interested in archaeology and asked to meet him. "She asked if I prefer to work as a guide or to focus on my specialization in cuneiform studies. I told her is the dream of every archaeologist, besides other tasks," Amer said. “She was the best supporter of the museum in its constant endeavors to recover its treasures [after being looted

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