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Letters: ‘Rahm Emanuel Is Right: Principals Matter’

Readers respond to the Chicago mayor’s argument that policy makers would do well to question their assumptions about education reform.
Source: Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

I Used to Preach the Gospel of Education Reform. Then I Became Mayor.

“For most of my career,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wrote last week, “I preached the old gospel of education reform. But now research and experience suggest that policy makers need to embrace a new path forward and leave the old gospel behind.”

As a retired assistant superintendent, it was refreshing to read Rahm Emanuel’s essay. According to Miles’ Law, where you stand usually depends on where you sit. Throughout my 26 years as an educator (19 faithfully served as a district and/or school-site administrator), my experiences have shown me that many politicians, along with a disproportionate percentage

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