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Year-round cropping

There are many approaches to garden design, each with different goals or outcomes in mind. In aesthetic garden design, the goal is to create gardens that look nice, often without regard for the energy, resources and other inputs required to maintain them, or their ecological impact.

In functional garden design, the goal is to perform a specific function, such as the production of food, medicines, dyes, fibre or other construction materials. That’s basically what agriculture is all about.

In permaculture design, the aim is to perform these specific functions in a sustainable, ethical and ecologically sound fashion, while incorporating clever design features to

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My 91-year-old grandmother recently gave me a book on Australian butterflies that had belonged to my great-aunt; if still alive, my great-aunt would be 98. I opened the book to find various pressed flowers and a butterfly within its pages. What stori
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Make A Purifying Smudge Stick
Smoke ceremonies have been used in many traditions. Indigenous Australian, Native American and some Hindu and Buddhist cultures, for example, burn plant material to purify an area after misfortune or tragedy, to rid a place of bad spirits or to prepa
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A Dyeing Art
Kate’s book is available through your local bookstore or via her website or online booksellers (Amazon, Booktopia, Angus & Robinson), Eco-dyeing is a process of using natural materials as sources of colour and pattern for dyeing paper