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• From £1,049/£1,149, September is new iPhone time, and Apple’s latest batch of high-end phones doesn’t disappoint. The list of upgrades isn’t that big compared with last year’s iPhone XS models (in a lot of ways, this feels like an XSS)
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Jvc Dla-nx9
Flip down seats, velvet curtains, the smell of popcorn. If you want the true cinema experience, you can’t beat the thrill of a giant projected image. That silverscreen joy now comes in an 8K flavour. Well, sort of. The JVC DLA-RS3000 may have ‘8K’ on
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Editor’s Letter
300 issues. When T3 launched, Tony Blair was still the upstart opposition to John Major. There were still five Spice Girls. Steve Jobs was still exiled from Apple. There was no Channel 5 yet (though Sky had just launched Sky 2, which didn’t last long