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8k Consoles
Whether they are eventually called the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two or not, one thing’s for certain: Sony and Microsoft are both working on next-generation consoles. And though the precise nature of each machine remains to be seen, 8K, in some form, is
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• From £1,049/£1,149, September is new iPhone time, and Apple’s latest batch of high-end phones doesn’t disappoint. The list of upgrades isn’t that big compared with last year’s iPhone XS models (in a lot of ways, this feels like an XSS)
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Jvc Dla-nx9
Flip down seats, velvet curtains, the smell of popcorn. If you want the true cinema experience, you can’t beat the thrill of a giant projected image. That silverscreen joy now comes in an 8K flavour. Well, sort of. The JVC DLA-RS3000 may have ‘8K’ on