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Romance, tragedy, jingoism, same-sex: How Hindi cinema has fallen in love over the years

Hindi cinema has shown us several shades of passion over the decades. It has been liberating but today, it needs to do much more.

Discovering love is a beautiful surprise. It cannot be timed. It cannot be predicted. It just happens.

Regardless of the outcome, each one of us has fallen in love sometime or the other. The person we have been attracted to might have been from our college or neighbourhood or workplace. Knowing that love is a relatable subject, many Bollywood filmmakers have walked down that path in their films.

If one were to make a list of romantic films made in Bollywood, it would run into a few hundred pages.

That would reveal, among other things, that the average filmmaker has usually toed the safety-first line.

In the standard romance of the predictable kind, one comes across a clichéd scenario where boy meets girl, the two fall in love, and this is usually followed by a happy

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