Towards the end of the Stone Age, people stopped being hunters and became farmers. They settled in communities rather than continually wandering around hunting and looking for food. This gave them more free time. Time to think and wonder about the world they lived in.

These early people were curious about themselves. They wondered

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Joseph Coelho The Importance Of Poetry To Me
My relationship with poetry feels like my relationship with air. It’s always been there and has always been essential. I rarely discuss poetry, but like air it is always around me: I’m always using it, leaning on it, depending on it. It took me a whi
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Amazing Africa Seek-and-find
1. THE LOCATION OF THE WORLD’S OLDEST CIVILISATION? Ancient Egypt’s Pharaonic civilisations date back to 3100 BC. 2. THE WORLD’S LONGEST RIVER? The Nile is 4,132 miles long. 3. THE LARGEST WATERFALL? Victoria Falls is one mile wide Zambia is on one s
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Wonderful World, Beautiful Music
Yellowman isn’t actually called Yellowman – his name is Winston, and he grew up in Jamaica. Yellowman is very important in the world of reggae, he was the first dancehall artist to be signed to a major record label. That was in 1981 and he signed to