As teenagers growing up in a small village on Long Island Sound, 30 miles east of the busy Port of New York, my friends and I spent most of our summers swimming, fishing and boating during the daylight hours. We completed all of the boating safety courses and had hands-on boat-handling training

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SEA RAY SPX 230 Outboard
We were running the Sea Ray SPX 230 Outboard through its performance numbers when we spotted a deer swimming in the middle of the lake. We zipped over and positioned our boat to watch as it slowly swam toward shore. As we idled forward, the water got
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Contender 44 St
Big center-console boats—models ranging from 35 to more than 40 feet in length—are taking over in warm places such as Florida where cabins seem superfluous. With a larger center-console comes lots of deck room, and many boatbuilders fill it with crui
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Rain Jackets
THE DRY: This is made for commercial fishermen who head out no matter what the forecast. It’s ANSI-certified, meaning it’s fit for use by professionals. Its bright-yellow color helps you be seen in emergency situations, and its seams are sealed with