As teenagers growing up in a small village on Long Island Sound, 30 miles east of the busy Port of New York, my friends and I spent most of our summers swimming, fishing and boating during the daylight hours. We completed all of the boating safety courses and had hands-on boat-handling training

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Release 301 Rx
I started liking the Release 301 RX seconds after throttling up. It transitioned to plane easily, without loss of sightlines. More, I coaxed it to stay on plane at just 12.1 mph. Two great attributes. Of course, discerning boat buyers seek more than
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Power To The People
Does your boat lack spirit? Does it feel sluggish or tired? Is it slow to respond to throttle input? Does it suffer from excessive smoking and poor fuel economy? Has your boat become moody and unreliable? Is your outboard faded, its skeg worn and dul
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Self-solder-and-seal Butt Connectors
In the October 2019 issue, reader Ed Dankievitch, a U.S. Coast Guard-licensed chief engineer, questioned the use of self-solder-and-seal electrical butt connectors (which we tested in the July/August issue), indicating that these connectors are not C