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Sporting world in action

It doesn’t matter which discipline you ride in there will be something in the world of old motorcycle sport for you That’s certainly been our experience and as CDB is put together by people involved in the scene who’ve embraced as many of the events as we can there’s always been a competitor’s perspective on things

Throughout the life of CDB we’ve been at trials scrambles (or MX if you prefer) as well as enduros and more oddball events such as the Red Marley Hill Climb

Over the next few pages join us in a look back at where we’ve been and where we’ve mingled with true superstars and club riders alike over the past 49 issues

Trials and tribulations

The whole concept of trials for older motorcycles was born pretty much around the time the last of the big bikes left the ailing British industry factories.

There was no clear cut demarcation which can be pinpointed to say ‘on this day did pre65 start’, as up until the early Seventies it was possible to buy a new British traditional trials bike. Indeed when I started riding – well into the ‘Spanish era’ – there were a

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