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Showbiz veterans relive glory days before Iran's revolution

LOS ANGELES - The old man took out his iPhone and scrolled to a black-and-white photo taken 50 years ago on a movie set in Tehran. Mansour Sepehrnia is paunchy and gray now, but then he was slender and his hair jet black. Along with two other men in the photo, he's wearing a tuxedo.

They were filming a comedy and the trio evoked Three Stooges slapstick: Sepehrnia and another skinny actor held up a chunky guy with a goofy expression on his face as he struggled to stand.

Sepehrnia shared the image with his fellow diners, then turned to his right and looked at his old friend Shomayoun Tabrizian. He was the other skinny guy. "Remember this photo?" Sepehrnia asked.

Tabrizian nodded. Smiles all around at the memory.

Memories fuel the conversation when Sepehrnia, 89, and other old friends gather each week at the Attari Sandwich Shop in "Tehrangeles," the Persian community in Westwood that blossomed after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 prompted

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