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The Tangible Presence of Light

My mother was a great gardener, and flowers have always been a source of joy and inspiration for me. They seem to be put on earth to lift our spirits with their pure, clear colours, lovely fragrances and intricate patterns. And they have the ability to transform light into something miraculous. I am passionate about watercolour for similar reasons: the colours are pure and transparent, allowing the light to shine through them from the white paper as if lit from within. So for me as a watercolour artist, flowers are the perfect subject, and capturing the inner spiritual light through flowers has become my

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Juan Muñoz
The Marian Goodman Gallery recently held an exhibition of selected works by Juan Muñoz from 1984-2001. Curated by Russell Ferguson, it was accompanied by a catalogue. Three key works by Muñoz were featured: the sculptural installations Thirteen Laugh
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Eastern's Lake Vacation
Once you have a prepared canvas, it's time to start your work. I start by drawing up the basic large shapes with a Chinagraph pencil. I work from top to bottom and from back to the front of the picture. For example, in a landscape the furthest aspect
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From The Drawing Board
Hi Brett, I always have trouble starting a drawing off. How do you go from blank paper to the first stages of a drawing? best regards, Myra. Hi Myra, You have to be able to see the overall composition as one big abstract shape and establish its hig