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High-end Compact & Mirrorless Cameras

As the name mirrorless implies, there is no mirror in these cameras. The traditional layout of the DSLR with a mirror, prism and viewfinder has been altered, allowing the light to go through the lens directly onto the sensor. This saves on a lot of bulk and weight. Rather than looking through a standard viewfinder you are looking at a digital image from the sensor. Although marginally slower, there are some advantages to shooting this way, such as seeing the live effects of settings in real time. Many of these cameras have interchangeable lenses and the ability to work with accessories such as external flashes.

As sensor and lens technology gets better, high resolution images are possible at smaller sizes. While the higher-end DSLR

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The Red Capped Robin
• Paper: – Fabriano 600gm hot press paper – White Saral Transfer paper – Black carbon paper • Brushes: – NAM 12 Red Filbert – 70mm hake (Francheville #6) – Holbein two inch and one inch goat’s hair hakes – Windsor and Newton Series 7 #2 brush – Royma
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My New World
I grew up in country Victoria. I think I was born to create, and as a child I was passionate about anything with a creative aspect. I particularly had a love for drawing, and spent many hours drawing caricatures. I went on to study art in high school
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Artist’s Hints & Tips
• When you mix your colours, always mix a good amount of paint. Remixing colours in the middle of a critical part of your painting is annoying and often ends up leading to a different colour to the original. The other temptation is to thin the paint