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Capturing Emptiness

Born in England, Sukhi received a traditional education in sculpture and life-drawing at City and Guilds Art School in London. Due to her naturally philosophical and curious nature, Sukhi had already traveled in India several times, where she felt an immediate and deep affinity with the culture and traditional art, and, as a result, her degree show was based on the geometry and symbolism of the Shiva lingam. Disillusioned by the London art scene, after graduating with the prize for sculpture and a cash scholarship from Madame Tussauds, Sukhi chose to immerse herself in the Indian culture for a year, at the end of which she settled, for

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The autumn exhibition at the lower Belvedere’s Orangery was devoted to Claude Monet, one of the principal practitioners of Impressionism, and the profound impact of his painting on Austrian art. Besides Edouard Manet, the Viennese art scene of the la
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Modern cameras do a great job of shooting in most lighting conditions. Even very low light conditions are easily handled by modern DSLR sensors. There are always times though where you need more light, and a portable flash is great for these situatio
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Artist’s Hints & Tips
I learned very early on the importance and value of preparing a canvas properly. The first practical step in any work is to build the stretcher, a wooden frame made usually either of processed pine or cedar. I like to use a 38mm high profile with a r