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Kay and Patrick McHugh purchased Church Gardens in 1995 after constantly working on the derelict property for two-and-a-half years and moved in with their three-year-old daughter and four-week-old twin daughters in 1998. The walled gardens were once part of the Harefield Place estate and are probably among the oldest surviving walled gardens in England, dating from the late 16th and early 17th century. There are three walled areas, the kitchen garden (featured below) and a smaller courtyard behind the main house and a much

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Dobies has more than 200 years of gardening experience in selecting, growing and selling the very best varieties for today’s gardener. Our comprehensive catalogue reflects our passion to find the latest vegetable, flower and fruit seeds, bulbs, plant
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Watch Out For
■ LEEK RUST: Small yellow and then orange spots develop all over the foliage and stem. This disease attacks all commonly grown allium crops, of which garlic is an example. It is almost inevitable and although it looks unsightly and can affect growth,