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The Green Team Dream Team
Walking through the polytunnels at The Green Team’s site in the West Park in Goole, you really get a sense of what the charity is about. The volunteers bustle around, planting seeds, potting up cuttings, watering seedlings and cleaning up. But most i
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Raising The Bar
Regular readers of Kitchen Garden will have seen an overview of the various types of raised beds available (‘Veg in Confinement’ by deputy editor Emma Rawlings, September 2019, pages 50-53) in which recycled plastic was found to be an incredibly long
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Garden Store Plus Subscriber Savers
The L’Equip FilterPro Digital Food Dehydrator was the first food dryer to use clean air drying technology, and supplier UK Juicers rates it as the most reliable model in its range, offering the best long-term value for money. A filter cleans incoming