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The 7 Most Revealing Moments From a Major Drug-Pricing Hearing

Even pharma executives recognize that drugs cost Americans too much.
Source: Jacquelyn Martin / AP

When a lawmaker compares the way your company protects its profits to how Gollum protects his ring, you know it’s not going to be a fun four hours.

That is how Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon on Tuesday referred to the way the drugmaker AbbVie protects the exclusivity of its prize drug, Humira. The comment foreshadowed the way the Senate Finance Committee would grill seven pharmaceutical-company CEOs about a topic that has stirred bipartisan ire: Why, exactly, are drug prices so high?

To name just one example,, . The price of the insulin drug Lantus rose . The struggle of patients to afford treatments such as and has been well publicized.

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